Day 1 ( Friday, March,23th 2018)
Time Venue Title Language Category Length Brief Intro Trailer link
5.45 PM Followed by Q&A by local film critic Rowe 130 ON THE BEACH AT NIGHT ALONE Korea Full Length Feature 141

[Original Title – Bamui haebyun-eoseo honja] The actress Younghee, stressed by a relationship with a married man in Korea, has given up everything, as the least courtesy she can show her sincere heart. He has said he’ll join her, but she mistrusts him. She eats at an acquaintance’s home and goes to a sea. She asks her friend, whom she thinks does not understand: “Is he missing me now, like I miss him??” Gangneung, Korea. A few old friends. Things are awkward, they drink, and she decides to startle them. She acts aloof, then cruel, but they like it. Left alone, Younghee goes to the beach, where things inside her heart manifest themselves, then fade like mist. How important is love in one’s life? Younghee wants to know.


8.15 PM – 8.30 PM
8.30 PM
Rowe 130 Kadavi Hawa Hindi Full Length Feature 140

The story about the how the lives of most affected by the global climate change is dealing with it. The rual population is also ignorent vistims of about the climate change (Kadavi Hawa – Poisnous Air).

Day 2 ( Saturday, March, 24th 2018)
Time Venue Title Language Category Length Brief Intro Trailer link
12 noon Fretwell 100 Perfect World:Reality Uzbekistan Short Comical 7

The person seeks to make world around better.But,about what world we speak? Where there are borders of its world? To enclose a pillow to yourself on a chair – that would be softer to sit,yet not a reason for conversation


12.07 PM Fretwell 100 Oh-bey Indonesia Short Comical 6

A flower named Beybi has a great curiosity of outside world, but she was not allowed to leave the glass house. However she found out that the outside world was really interesting and fun.


12.15 PM Followed by Q&A with Director in-person Fretwell 100 Salam English Documentary 120

documentary about the Nobel prize winning Pakistani physicist, Abdus Salam. The film reveals the extraordinary life of the charismatic Abdus Salam, in all its color, vitality and tragedy. It is the story of a man who traversed two worlds with ease: one of science and religion, modernity and tradition, war and peace and obscurity and celebrity.


2.45 PM – 3 PM
3 PM
Fretwell 100 Introduction of shorts by UNCC Students 10
3.15 PM
Fretwell 100 The Ordinance English Documentary 30

The movie tells about a small town in Texas which tries to fight the predatory lending services and protect the poor. The film shows how both positive and negative events make people join and form strong communities able to produce changes.


3.45 PM
Fretwell 100 Songbird Indonesia Short Documentary 25

Tracking, catching and training exotic birds from deep in the Indonesian jungle is lucrative business for young Indonesian entrepreneurs. That is, if the birds’ new owners can make a good showing at local bird singing competitions and successfully sells them to the highest bidder.

The birds are treated like royalty. They are their owners’ ticket to a better life.

Agok (16 yrs old) is new to the business. He follows the lead of his mentor Edi navigating the tricky process of procuring and training the right bird for this competitive and unusual sport. But training birds is not easy and takes considerable time. Edi takes Agok under his wing to enable him a better chance at fulfilling his dream.

4.15 PM
Fretwell 100 Path of Dreams Japan Short Feature 25

In poetic Japan, Ono no Komachi, a beautiful poetess, strikes a tantalizing bargain with Shosho, a charming and eager suitor. If he comes to write poetry with her for 99 nights, she says they will have the possibility of creating a love more beautiful than poetry. Only on the 99th night, will she take him as her lover.


4.40 PM
Fretwell 100 Age, Height, Education China Short Documentary 9

Every Sunday, traditional Chinese parents gather in the People’s Square in Shanghai to find their children good blind dates. Matchmakers help them find their children potential partners with the right qualifications, which can include everything from skin tone to hometown.



Day 3 ( Sunday, March, 25th 2018)
Time Venue Title Language Category Length Brief Intro Trailer link
11.45 AM Fretwell 100 Listen to the Poems I WIll Whisper Philippines Short Documentary 5

A loose interpretation of the poem based on the Hiligaynon-language poem “Ang Ilongga Nga Nagsakay sa Habal-Habal” (The Ilongga Who Rode a Motorcycle Taxi) by Filipino poet Karla Quimsing that talks about a girl who rode a local motorcylce taxi with a driver she likes. The poetry is light and fun but in this interpretation, the filmmaker wants to go the opposite direction, choosing a male voice (the poem’s a female) and creating scenarios that seems to paint an alternate world, a dream or, perhaps, fragments of thoughts – which oftentimes happening during a long travel home – wherein both have a relationship, imagined or otherwise, accidental or bound to happen, that shall pass through the test of time as they share one locale wherein the spatial relationships are only between them and nature. How the environment and its neglected spaces plays a vital role in molding the personal spaces of the characters is vital to the understanding of time-spanning relationship presented in this film poetry.


11.50 AM Fretwell 100 Lifeline Malaysia Short Feature 5

Vera (JULIA MARIN) is a crisis hotline operator. The bleak nature of her work evokes a painful memory from her distant past.


12 noon  Followed by Q&A with Director over Skype Fretwell 100 Aaranyadeb Bengali (Indian) Full Length Feature 120

A story of two friends, two cities within a same city, sharing the same soul. Aranya and Deb are the two best friends who represent two diasporas of modern times, each trying to be what they were destined to be- special. While Aranya is a laid back person and considers himself a superhero, Deb is a superhero in all possible terms-studies,career, family. They get separated at the age of 14 and find their destiny to meet when they are 40. Something magical happens in that fateful day which change the course of their lives – forever


2.30 PM – 2.45 PM
2.50 PM
Fretwell 100 Phulsiri Nepal Short Feature 30

One and a half months after the devastating earthquake reduced an entire village to rubble, and a ten-year-old girl longs for normality. News reaches her that school will re-open in a day and she is understandably overjoyed, but there is a hitch: she must first locate her shoes — mandatory under new school rules — in the debris that was once her home.


3.25 PM Followed by Q&A with Director in-person
Fretwell 100 Echoes From The Plantations Guyana Short Documentary 38

A film inspired by the history of Indians in Guyana. Learned by a young American girl as it is passed down from generation to generation.



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