CreativeYatra.com, in association with Charlotte Asian Heritage Association (CAHA) is delighted to announce the launch of a new film festival in Charlotte. Charlotte Asian Film Festival (CAFF) is a joint effort of the local Asian-American community and others who see value in this novel addition to Charlotte’s cultural landscape. The Festival will be held on March 23, 24 & 25, 2018 at UNC Charlotte Main campus as part of the International Film Festival hosted by the UNC Charlotte Department of Languages and Culture Studies. The screenings will include full-length feature films, shorts and documentaries that provide a window on various facets of Asian society, culture and history both in the native lands and in the diaspora. This showcase for film-making as an art form will provide a unique opportunity for film connoisseurs to enjoy international films with an Asian focus right here in Charlotte.

CAFF will broaden the contribution of CAHA in promoting awareness of Asian culture in the greater Charlotte metro area. CAHA, under the umbrella of Carolina Asian American Chamber of Commerce organizes events such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Gandhi Unity Fall Festival, and the Community Leader Luncheon. The total attendance at these events exceeds 10,000 which attest to their vibrancy and relevance.

CreativeYatra.com is an organization that promotes art, culture and creativity in local communities by combining arms of media, design and content ideation.  With offices in Ahmedabad, India and Charlotte, US – CreativeYatra.com creates opportunities for cross cultural linkages.

Event Promoter


Nimish Bhatt (CAACC)
Dr. Amit Shah (Co-founder, Creativeyatra.com)


Event Co-Chairs
Anand Kothari
Phin Xaypangna


Booking Consultant
Jay Morong