CreativeYatra.com, in association with Charlotte Asian Heritage Association (CAHA) is delighted to announce the launch of a new finance related documentary film festival in Charlotte. Charlotte Documentary Film Festival (CDFF) is a joint effort of the local Asian-American community and others who see value in this novel addition to Charlotte’s cultural and social landscape. The Festival will be held on November 23, 24 & 25, 2020 at UNC Charlotte Main campus as part of the International Documentary Film Festival hosted by the UNC Charlotte Departments of Finance & Languages and Culture Studies. The screenings will include full-length documentary feature films, shorts that provide a window on various facets of Racial and Ethnic Minority society, and their financial challenges while living in the U.S.

Money management is a challenging task even for native U.S citizens who nevertheless, having good jobs and stable monthly income encounter numerous financial ups and downs. However, one can only imagine how overwhelming it is for newcomers to get used to this American Consumer lifestyle and try to keep a constant balance between spendings and savings. This Documentary Film Festival will break down the basic money related problems new members of the American society are facing daily and ways of overcoming and avoiding them.

The featured movies will touch upon controversial topics such lending services highlighting both positive and negative aspects of these. By means of chosen documentaries, the Asian-American community aims to spread awareness among the younger generation about the danger of getting trapped in a debt cycle and ways of using short-term loans wisely and appropriately. By attending the Charlotte Documentary Film Festival, you will learn about:

  • Ways of spotting predatory payday loan companies
  • Mortgage Loans and how they function
  • Things to consider before applying for a payday loan
  • Programs only trustworthy credit cards companies offer