About the Festival

About the Festival

CreativeYatra.com, in association with Charlotte Asian Heritage Association (CAHA), is delighted to announce the launch of a new finance related documentary film festival in Charlotte. Charlotte Documentary Film Festival (CDFF) is a joint effort of the local Asian-American community and others who see value in this novel addition to Charlotte’s cultural and social landscape. The Festival will be held on November 23, 24 & 25, 2020 at UNC Charlotte Main campus as part of the International Documentary Film Festival hosted by the UNC Charlotte Departments of Finance & Languages and Culture Studies. The screenings will include full-length documentary feature films, shorts that provide a window on various facets of Racial and Ethnic Minority society, and their financial challenges while living in the U.S.

Films 2018

on the beach at night alone
Life and Debt
(A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid)
Kadvi Hawa
Money, Banking, and The Federal Reserve System
(Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson)
Princes of the Yen
(Michael Oswald)
more films......
more films......
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Latest news

  • Money as Debt

    Director: Paul Grignon The movie describes the wicked DEBT-MONEY SYSTEM and the strategies financial services use for trapping clients in endless debts cycles. It is worth mentioning that the movie uses accessible language and common terms for explaining complex finance related concepts which makes a great film for all kinds of audiences. […]

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    Ghost Town (Fei Cheng)

    The documentary conveys a realistic image of an abandoned city whose only locals are Lisu and Nu minority villagers. The movie will keep its audience in suspense by telling the story of this Chinese community which was left behind by the new Economy. […]

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  • The Truth about Payday Loans: British, Young and Broke

    The film vividly shows the financial hardships of teenagers and young adults in UK and how payday loans influenced their lives over a certain period of time […]

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    The Ordinance

    The movie tells about a small town in Texas which tries to fight the predatory lending services and protect the poor. The film shows how both positive and negative events make people join and form strong communities able to produce changes.

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